Network Services

Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation

KR Logic Group provides analysis of business needs to create IT solutions. From creation of design layout and security plans to ensuring that your desktop is just as you like it, KR Logic Group implements networks from start to finish. All aspects of equipment procurement are managed to ensure all necessary equipment is ready for roll outs large and small.

Backup & Data Management Solutions:

KR Logic Group approaches backup solutions for customers based on size and scale, whether it be a small business just backing up one important workstation to an office of 20 windows workstations, KR Logic Group can provide a cost efficient solution for small businesses to minimize down time and keep those important documents safe. KR Logic Group also provides SAN/NAS and large data backup systems centralized management of all workstation and server backup and disaster recovery activities in Windows and Linux environments to help organizations of all sizes meet deadlines for recovery time.

Workstation Provisioning and Deployment:

Need to Deploy 20 new workstations with the same applications installed? Or Just manage your current deployed machines with updates and software? KR Logic Group provides a vast variety of solutions and services to solve your needs. Software distribution and standardization are essential to minimizing costs related to the administration of workstations and servers.

Virtualization Services:

Providing the ability for organizations to take underutilized hardware and crowded server rooms with shrinking budgets a new paradigm in server management. Converting physical server hardware into Virtual Hardware. Allowing an organization to reduce the amount of physical servers necessary to run mission critical applications. By moving physical servers into the realm of virtualization, many servers can exist on one physical server. Provision new servers from organization templates in minutes, create test environments for that new software package the CEO has been looking at, reduce the investment capital in new ventures.